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Hello! First of all, thanks for visiting my fourth book blog. I hope you are enjoying your stay here. At michellemengsbookblog, I review a vast number of genres.

If you want to reach out to me regarding specific statistics, here is the place to start!

Let's begin:

• I can only accept print copies. This means that if you are not able to supply one in time and/or you only have ebooks available, I am not able to fulfill your request.

• I do book reviews, blog tours, book blitzes, excerpts, cover reveals, title reveals, promotion posts, author interviews, fan-made book trailers, etc. For custom designs, please contact me. I don't charge money but there are some things I'd appreciate!

• I will try to review a book/help you as soon as possible. If I cannot by the time it gets published/released, I will contact you.

• In the circumstances, you can’t send me an ARC/allow my request, I would very much appreciate it if you told me why you can’t send me an ARC/allow my request at this time whether it be the size of my audience, shipping restrictions, or anything else.

• All the images in this blog were downloaded by request and/or produced by me. I would never intend to steal images off the internet/made by someone else. If you find something that does not belong here, please contact me immediately.