Mar. 17, 2021

When the Sun Met the Moon

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When the Sun Met the Moon by Simran Mohinani

Category:  Children's Fiction (Ages 3-7), 38 pages

Genre: Children's Picture Book

Publisher:  Mascot Books

Book Description:

In this enchanting tale of the origins of the Sun and the Moon, the Sun flies across the universe on an adventure to look for someone whose light matches his own. When the Sun Met the Moon is a story filled with so much love, excitement, and equality that you won't want to put down, and can be told for years to come. After centuries of brightening up the sky by himself, the poor Sun is exhausted, lonely, and in need of some help. So, he decides to search the galaxies for someone whose light is as strong and powerful as his to help him shine down on the people of Earth. When the Sun decides to take a holiday to go on this adventure, Earth is left with its first-ever nighttime where the sky goes dark and cold, leaving people afraid to come out of their homes. Will the Sun be able to find somebody whose light is equal to his? Find out in this gorgeous love story how the Sun met his perfect Moon.

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Meet the Author:

Simran Mohinani, otherwise known as Simi Moh, was born on September 8th, 1998. She is a graduate of Northeastern University, studying entrepreneurship with a minor in global fashion. She was born and raised in Hong Kong, and now lives between there, London, and Boston. She first worked for the United Nations with their environmental conservation team before also collaborating with Amazon, Marriott, and Snupps. She published her first trilogy of books comprised of poetry and short stories which are very successful. She now owns and runs three of her own businesses in the fields of consulting, denim supply, and commercial goods. She also has her own charity: The SiMission. After college, she also worked full-time at her family business, which deals with properties in Europe. On the side, she still loves to write, which came to fruition with When the Sun Met the Moon, for your enjoyment and pleasure.

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My Review:

Ok, WOW.

When I first laid my eyes on the illustrations of When the Sun Met the Moon, my jaw dropped. The digital paintings are memorizing and absolutely beautiful! Props to the artist for blessing my eyes; I don't think anything else could be more stunning than your pictures.

As for the story, it's a cute family-friendly romance about the Sun and the Moon. The Sun is tired of brightening the sky by himself; he wants someone else to match his light. He goes to search the galaxies and lands face to face with the Moon. We can all guess what happens next...
The two fall in love and live happily ever after.

I think as much as this story is something similar to what I came up with when I was a kid (and I'm sure many others too), the author put their own unique personality around it. That's indeed the main reason why this story is so special.

10/10, I highly recommend this one! I think children would love a heartwarming story before bed-time :) 

Author Interview:

Q: How did you come up with the plot for this book?

A: 'When the Sun Met the Moon' came to be one day in my college library whilst I was day-dreaming and in the middle of procrastination simultaneously. I wear a necklace of 'the Man on the Moon' from Tiffany's every day that my parents bought for me for my 17th birthday and I was staring at it when I had a thought, 'what would the Sun even be without his Moon', exhausted, lonely and incomplete, for starters, and so that's how that prompt came into play, and then everything spiraled from there. 

Q: The book’s illustrations are beautiful! How did you pick an illustrator? Was it a tough process?

A: I am very much so a perfectionist especially with my creative process and my art, so picking illustrations to accompany something I was so passionate about was difficult at first because I wanted the pictures alongside the words to compliment them and allow them to come to life. I have a picky taste and wanted a super distinct style to help take the visual component of my story and make it almost poetic in and of itself. I came across Leo Hartas's work, and quickly our visions aligned. Leo brought so much beautiful art to every spread, each page could be framed into a work of art and hung on a wall somewhere. As soon as I met Leo everything became easy and working with him was such a smooth and enjoyable process. 

Q: There are many children’s books out there about love, what makes your book different?

A:  My book is a very up-and-coming love story because it focuses so much attention on equality and being - quite literally - universal. I used neutral characters as my protagonists and approached topics like a balanced partnership in a very strong yet understandable way. I did this in the hope that kids could understand and empathize better with a more realistic storyline, a story that does have a real problem, where the Sun finds a solution through nothing else in the end but love and where the characters are not simply male or female but more gender non-conforming so that kids can imagine themselves in the place of the Sun or Moon with whomever they may choose to place alongside them as a partner. 

Q: What has been a proud moment to you so far as an author? Why?

A: I've been a bestselling, published author since I was 18 years old and in my freshman year of college, so I've had quite a few moments that have made me extremely proud of the community I've built over the years. Mainly when people understand my work and I see them re-post my poems or come up to me and tell me they have one of my books or something of mine on their wall. My Instagram page has become a breeding ground for supporters of my writing over the years, and it's been so nice when people share to me through messages, posts, or comments how much something I've written has helped them or resonated with them. 

Q: Was it difficult for you to write this book not being a mother yourself?

A: Firstly, I do consider myself a mother to my Pomeranian, Sofi, but on a more serious note no, because I think having a much younger brother has always really helped me identify myself with the mind of a child. I edited this book thinking about what would've made him excited about this book at a younger age, from the color scheme to the illustration style to the usage of vocabulary, I based a lot of my decisions around knowing what he would've found enjoyable and examples of the children's books I loved growing up. 

Q: Do you have another profession besides writing?

A: I do and that is being an entrepreneur, besides managing my now 4 books I am a business owner with three ventures in very different fields based in a multitude of areas worldwide. I have an investment and ideation consulting platform for young entrepreneurs called inc.ubator, a denim supply line called Statement, and most of my time nowadays goes towards running my latest brand MOHLIA, where I sell infinity flowers (real Ecuadorian flowers that last 1-3 years) globally for affordable prices.